Years of research culminate in this
trailblazing online course on the menstrual cycle
and how to leverage it for better results for
your athletes and clients.


Optimizing Performance Through the Menstrual Cycle transformS performance training for ATHLETES AND CLIENTS By teaching COACHES how to factor FEMALE physiology into programming.

Did you know your female clients may be at a higher risk of injury during certain times of the menstrual cycle? 

Women make up half the population of the planet, yet for decades they have been persistently under-represented in medical and performance research. Exos is determined to do what we can to help remove the stigma of periods and female physiology from fitness training, as an industry, to improve results for the clients we support.

This online continuing education course is how we get started. As the global leader in human performance, Exos saw this research on female athletes and the effects of hormones and the menstrual cycle on performance as our responsibility to ensure our community is equipped to best coach, guide and train athletes with female physiology.

Yet this is bigger than just Exos. It’s about participating in the collective acceptance of female physiology for the biological fact that it is. Just bodies being bodies.        

Because with an in-depth understanding of the menstrual cycle, you can create better gameplans and be a more informed resource for your female clients of reproductive age who aren’t pregnant or trying to get pregnant.



How and why female physiology has historically been under-represented in research


The role that fluctuating sex hormones have on performance and recovery


Signs and risk factors of low energy availability


Physiological impacts of the most common types of non-barrier contraception


How to leverage the menstrual cycle as an ergogenic aid


How to recognize when it’s time to refer a client to an outside professional

Presented through a series of online modules, case studies, bonus videos and a supplementary workbook, this course equips you with the skills to:

Total time: 6 hours
Course Credits: 
6.0 ACSM | 0.8 NASM
Cost: $500


If I’ve already taken XPS, wouldn’t I know how to create gameplans for all clients regardless of sex?

Yes and no. You will no doubt understand the gameplan components we discuss, but the nuance of which ones to prioritize and how to manipulate variables to not only accommodate but leverage the menstrual cycle is beyond the XPS material.

XPS taught you what the tools are; this course will teach you the specifics of how to apply them to the clients you support.

Will this information be applicable to all female clients I train? 

This course will cover recommendations for females of reproductive age that are not currently pregnant, aren’t trying to get pregnant or haven’t been pregnant within the last year.

While some of the information we cover in this course will be universal at all ages and stages, we are working on additional courses to cover a female's full life span in the detail it deserves to ensure you make the best recommendations for your clients.

Who should take this course?

If you coach athletes and clients with female physiology, this online professional development course is for you. Taking this course isn’t meant to be exclusively for people who menstruate, but rather an opportunity for everyone to learn how to best support 100% of the clients who entrust them with their readiness.


Chris Betram
Tristan Rice
Sarah Sarkis
Leron Sarig
Registered Sports Dietitian | Performance Dietitian Manager
Stefan Underwood
Shannon Fable
Sr Dir of Education + Digital Programming
Stefan Underwood
Dr. Stacy Sims
A SPECIAL THANKS ... to internationally renowned exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist Dr. Stacy Sims. Dr. Sims' extensive research and unique expertise on the subject of sex differences in training, nutrition and health were integral to the creation of this course. Exos is grateful to Dr. Sims for her role as both consultant and course contributor, and largely credits her forward-thinking leadership in this important field as the inspiration for this course. Learn more about Dr. Stacy Sims here.